Gonzo’s Quest Review

Gonzo’s Quest online casino game is one of my top favourite online games you can play so I’ll try my best not to sound too excited about the game and give you a chance to judge for yourself. This online video slot is a Netent game and has been given some great features that you will love to play with.

To start your casino game you will get to see how Gonzo and you got to the place where your reels have been placed. In 1541 of the coast of Peru a ship has set it’s anchor in the dark night. A treasure map revealing where the lost of city of gold can be found is laying out on a table. With a quick movement Gonzo steals the map, jump over board and swim into land to try and find the treasure himself. You catch up with him and the two of you are now at the wall or reels that hold the entry to the lost city of gold.

gonzos quest.png

Through out your casino game you will be entertained by Gonzo at the side of your reels. See him scratch his head, dancing, spinning his helmet when he is bored or even fist-pump and moon-walking when you have some great winnings to collect. You can’t help but smile at him.

Your reels look like stones and they even sound like stones falling on top of one another when they fall down. Yes the symbols on these reels will fall down and not like you will see on most online casino game spinning and stop. To match the theme of Gonzo’s Quest online casino game you will see that your symbols are detailed carvings of animals and humans faces each with their own pale colour.

Each time you get a winnings combination you will activate the Avalanche feature which means each time you have a winning line you will see them explode and you will get a bigger multiplier. Keep winning and your multipliers will grow bigger.

To keep your winnings growing on Gonzo’s Quest online casino game you also have the Free Fall and the Wild symbol. The Wild symbol acts as a regular Wild symbol that will replace other symbols to try and create a winning combination. The Free Fall symbol which is a golden carving will activates 10 Free Falls when 3 Free Falls symbols appear on the reels. The Free Falls must appear in succesion starting from the left column. Bonus coins will also fall from the symbol and Gonzo will rush to collect all the falling gold coins into his metal helmet helping you pick it all up of course.


If you love online casino games that has been given some fun animations, paid detail to the design of the game and gives you some fantastic features then Gonzo’s Quest is the casino game for you. Normally I would say that more features would be great but Gonzo’s Quest don’t need them. Netent has done a great job on this slot machine.



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